Presenter Notes...

NEW Latest Updates... 2019-10-08

  1. Planets and The Moon now have current and live-updating distance information for Sun-to-object and Earth-to-object distances (Thanks to James Classen!!)

  2. Update Jupiter and Saturn with latest moons counts (Jupiter = 79, Saturn = 82)

  3. Further Notes updates to > Telescope page - Added Eyepiece magnification and information, as well as Telescope Start-up and Shut-down procedure

  4. Moon page has been broken up into separate pages for Moon Overview, Moon Mare, Moon Craters, Moon Mountains and Other Moon Features to make these easier to browse and locate information.

  5. Moon "What's Up!" animation has an improved full lunar-month animation based on Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter data.

Up Next...

  1. Continue adding more content and objects...

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